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Services: Our Projects

1-1 Career Advisement

Personalized Career Advisor

1-1 Career Advisement

Career & Personality Assessment

Individualized Education & Career Plan

Pre & Post - Secondary Preparation

GED Prep


College Application Assistance

FAFSA/Scholarship Application Assistance

Young Teacher

 Work Readiness Training


Cultural Awareness

Diversity Training

Workplace Ethics

Workplace Attire

Workplace Violence & Harassment

Understanding Employee Rights

Professional License & Certification Courses

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Definition of Emotional Intelligence

Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation

Effective Communication and Listening

Empathy and Social Awareness

Relationship Management

Managing Stress and Conflicts

In a Meeting
Stock Exchange

Financial Literacy


Salary vs. Hourly

Direct Deposit Tips

Understanding Employee Benefits

Understanding Unemployment Benefits

Understanding 401k's, 403B's & IRA's

Understanding Various Investment Options

(stocks, bonds, forex, crypto)

Understanding Credit

Professional Development

Interview Prep

Cover Letter & Resume Development

Executive Summary Development

Workforce Tours

OJT (On the Job Training)

Career Related Job Shadows

Career Fairs

Supplemental Services

Job Interview
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Vocational Training Internship/Externship 

Unpaid Work Experience

Paid Externships


Employment Assistance

Internship to Direct Hire

Contract Employment

Temp to Perm

Direct Hire

Permanent Placement

Happy Managers

                      The world is ever-changing!

                                    Take the next step

   to begin a brighter future & your new career!  

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